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Friday, June 28, 2013

June Doodles

I just changed a new banner up there^

It's basically a paint over of a drawing on instagram I did few days ago traditionally. Been getting into all these social media stuff recently...
I update my sketches on the go almost every single day on there. Go check'em out!


 Here are some stuff I've done since last update on this blog. They are all images I grabbed from instagram haha!

some biker dude

gouache painting of Frida

Taiwan <3


ygritte  from GOT! What a great season!

pretty boy from starbucks

I started my internship at Laika House as a Story/Concept art intern almost three weeks ago. I'm having a blast! I love every moment of it.

now... if only I didn't have to wait forever to get director approvals...

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