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Sunday, April 14, 2013

3D Me!

this blog has been abandoned for too long...

so this is the protagonist from one of our prepro stories...
He was never named... all we know is that he is a cool dad who should not have tried to cut corners when taking care of his two-year old daughter.
what happened to the rest of the story? I'll post it soon...

This is El TORO, one of the characters from the story that my group and I decided to move forward with to produce into an animated film senior year... We are all very very excited about this project. More art from our two prepro stories will come soon I promise!

so remember this painting from last semester?

I turned it into this!

I modelled, textured, rigged, and animated my self-caricature. 
I did an emotion test and lip sync animation with this too...

 I'll update more stuff that I did this semester soon... when I am well rested and well fed in two weeks...

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