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Sunday, June 17, 2012

In N Out

so... I am two weeks into my internship at Adobe.
I'm honestly having a blast!

instead of sharing my internship stories, I decided to tell you all what happened today on a sunny sunday.

Monica, another Adobe intern, and I were walking down the sidewalk after getting lost in the garage. But that's another story for another time.

we were just strolling down the sidewalk and chatting about stuff. we were completely unaware of the police car sirens in the background.

so when the sirens abruptly stopped... the birds stopped chirping
it was like the silence (calm) before the storm.

I did a dramatic turn back... to see what's going on

we couldn't believe what we saw with our big asian eyes... 

we saw this giant guy sprinting towards us

and police cars powersliding around the corner

i saw one officer getting out... about to grab his gun

at that moment, me and Monica both froze in place

both of us had this image in mind.. of the big guy taking both of us hostage in front of the police

we looked at each other.... and RANNNNN

we should have run... but instead... we fast walked..

the moment we turned around the corner... we heard the police yelling at the guy and taking him down...

that was enough adventure for one day...

and then we all went to grab in n' out burger while listening to a homeless man talking to us about his film major and computer softwares. 


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