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Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry xmas!

merry xmas/ happy hanukkah everyone!

i've been keeping myself fit over the break with ted

you know, staying productive like I did at school

also learned the importance of saving up $$

got some major things done yo my teeth

On Xmas eve

I watched calmly as my brother ate the last of my chicken nuggets

I wondered how my friends are spending their Xmas.

I imagined megan eating her xmas tree

Bryan with just his cute penguin oven mitten

mike with his persimmon, puppy, and his hobby

Charlie with spongebob and Justin!
(see you soon at ringling Justin)

Reece with his snowboards

I made the xmas card for next year too
its 100% original too...

oh and...

7 ate 9
but Adam ate the pie

last but not least
cant forget about her now...

on the first day of xmas...

on the last day of xmas...

merry xmas everyone!