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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Grad Ceremony

yesterday I went to a good friend's grad ceremony at his culinary school

met some cool chefs, some are French
they reminded me of the chefs in Ratatouille in many ways

 I sat with the audience. The chefs and class reps were giving speeches on stage

Certificates were given out. Pictures were being taken. And more speeches were being said

The atmosphere was getting emotional. Some student chefs were tearing up. Families too.

I, being such an emotional person, was getting to that level too...

A girl went up there. And her mom was getting up to take photos for her and the chefs

I glanced at the mother. She was the coolest mom I've ever seen. Hair style unique and dyed in three shades in perfect gradient. Her scarf just so happened to be the one I'm about to buy tomorrow. Her bag is the kind my own mother doesn't have. Her camera was simply high notch. And finally, her glasses frames made me wish I needed glasses.

And I bet, if I had X-Ray vision. I would see the key to my dream car in her bag too.
She was cool

But then she tripped.


I frowned a little bit

But then I shrugged. No big deal. She was still pretty cool.
My own mother trips from time to time herself too. Also, I thin----

yea, she dropped the bomb right after that...

Did I mention we were in a big church? The words won't stop echoing...

All the  sad faces stared at her. They still had tears in their eyes though...

Then we all burst out laughing. This little incident made us forget about the emotional and sad atmosphere we were ALL having few seconds ago.

This mom is the coolest.