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Friday, October 28, 2011

Battle Royale

Battle Royale

The other day I was hanging out with friends after class.
They had just finished a movie earlier, called Battle Royale.

Basically it was a Japanese movie in which everyone had to kill each other to survive. Only one person is allowed to survive at the end.


Megan: "hey Sharon have you watched Battle Royale before?"

Me: "Yeah. I saw it when I was in high school."

"But I didn't find the mass killing scary though. I thought some parts were really funny."

But then my friend suddenly turned and look at me seriously.
"Ummm, they were real actors who died. "

"Ha! Yeah right."
I have seen too much of real life to believe what she said.

"No seriously. The director casted actors who were depressed and wanted to commit suicide. He did this so the killing would look super realistic because they are in fact real."

I didn't buy anything she said.

But then there was this other girl who was there.
This was her face. She was hesitant to believe it.

Then my other friend Reece spoke up: "Seriously, all the actors you see on screen died during the shoot. Don't even joke about it."

The thing about my friend Reece, is that he is always joking around.

This is what his serious face usually looks like.

But that night when we were talking about Battle Royale. This is what his serious face looked like.

so I guess we can't really blame that girl for believing him.
Reece was dead serious.
And when he is serious, he is serious.

finally megan said "Search up 'The movie where all the actors died'. There is a documentary somewhere online."

"Okay. I am googling it."

so that girl spent 10 minutes searching for the documentary

on Google

and even wikipedia.

This was her face.

We had a good laugh at her.

Seriously, The movie where all the actors died?

who would believe that?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

more finished stuff since August!

Here are the major projects dump that I've finished since the end of August! So many firsts!

exaggerated walk for TA

first animatic from concept class
props to my wonderful voice actors adam and mike!

and last but not least, first computer animation

Saturday, October 8, 2011

just some of my cool friends

few words to describe school for the past month or so,

CA, concept, TA, work, labs, 308, coffee, party, sleep, beach, bike, food,
fun, FUN, friends, chill, freetime

yeah school's been fun
real school work up soon...


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The married life

so after many unserious relationships

recently I decided to settled down seriously
(this is how small my eyes usually are)

we didnt have money for fancy wedding or fancy rings

but at least it was tasty

it feels great, knowing that someone who cares is always on the other side of the door

and we would exchange warm welcomes

we love cooking friedrice and curry together like a married old couple

there are a lot of bathroom surprises too

its weird how suddenly theres traces of her everywhere in my life

even though we are married, she gives me a lot of space, especially when shopping bikinis online

But our loyalty is mutual of course, she would never cheat on me behind my back

I'm a much happier person now

if this is the good'ol married life

i don't get why anyone would ever get divorced